Cyber-Attacks on Critical Infrastructure of a Country- How do they happen? How should we prevent them?

Introduction “For those on the ramparts of the world’s sole superpower, the digital winds are blowing an icy chill through the triumphant glow of the post-Cold War,” reads the tagline for the article titled, “Farewell to arms,” by journalist and writer, John Carlin. The article that delves into the potentially devastating effects of cyber-warfare became […]

Manipulating Host Headers – Not Anymore !

Introduction Host header injections have been around for a while now, and sometimes the developer just does not know how to get rid of them! Configuring virtual hosts, adding host verification codes to redirection pages, etc. All of this can be time-consuming or stressful for some! So, I will be explaining a simple technique that […]

Analysis of Malware: Detecting Behavior & Anti-Reversing Techniques

Scenario: One of our clients observed a suspicious behavior in a program and wanted us to analyze and identify if any malicious activities were being performed by the same. The program wasn’t detected by their anti-virus solution during ‘file access operations’. However, some unusual outbound network traffic triggered alerts from the network monitoring team. Filename […]

Data Leakage Prevention – Securing The Data Spillage

What is Data Leakage Prevention? Data Leakage Prevention is the category of solutions which help an organization to apply controls for preventing the unwanted accidental or malicious leakage of sensitive information to unauthorized entities in or outside the organization. Here sensitive information may refer to organization’s internal process documents, strategic business plans, intellectual property, financial […]

Critical Joomla File Upload Vulnerability

I was reading the Joomla Update, A bug in Joomla Core and having the criticality is always awesome to see 🙂 I decided to give the bug a look to see what the actual problem was. I looked at the diffs (changes made) to the latest version 2.5.14 From the commits, there are […]