Cyber-Attacks on Critical Infrastructure of a Country- How do they happen? How should we prevent them?

Introduction “For those on the ramparts of the world’s sole superpower, the digital winds are blowing an icy chill through the triumphant glow of the post-Cold War,” reads the tagline for the article titled, “Farewell to arms,” by journalist and writer, John Carlin. The article that delves into the potentially devastating effects of cyber-warfare became […]


Building a covert SMTP infrastructure

Introduction Phishing is a ray of light when every attempt to breach an organization fails. However, setting up a covert SMTP infrastructure for phishing is a time consuming and painful process. By a covert SMTP infrastructure, I mean an infrastructure: which has an ability to evade detection; typically to throw off blue teams which has […]


[Webinar] Change in Red Team Assessment approach post COVID-19 by Shrikant Antre

[Webinar] Change in Red Team Assessment approach post COVID-19 by Shrikant Antre There are remarkable changes happening in the world due to the current pandemic situation. These charges vary from routines, lifestyle, working hours, technologies & cybersecurity landscape. Organisations have started focusing on teleworking (Work-From-Home) models, changes in processes, changes in physical security controls as […]