Navigating through the DevSecOps Journey: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts

DevSecOps, the integration of security practices into the DevOps process, has become paramount in modern software development. While adopting DevSecOps can enhance efficiency and security, it’s crucial to navigate this journey with strategic foresight, care and meticulous execution. This article outlines the top five dos and don’ts to help organizations effectively navigate their DevSecOps journey. […]


Navigating the Cybersecurity Implications of Artificial Intelligence

In the landscape of modern technological innovation, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a defining force, reshaping industries, redefining possibilities, and propelling organizations into a new era of digital transformation. From streamlining operations to unlocking unprecedented insights, the potential of AI is vast and multifaceted. Yet, amid the promise of progress, the rapid […]

DORA explained: Requirements, penalties, and steps to complianceFeatured

What is DORA? DORA stands for the Digital Operational Resilience Act. It is the framework introduced by the European Commission to manage ICT risks and incident management, along with the management of risks related to third-party service providers. The legislation was introduced in September 2020 and formally adopted in 2022. Purpose of DORA? Before the […]

An overview of the EU’s Artificial Intelligence ActFeatured

What is the EU AI Act The European Union introduced the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), a regulatory proposal concerning artificial intelligence within the EU. Presented by the European Commission on April 21, 2021, this legislation is the inaugural comprehensive AI law globally. The proposed EU Artificial Intelligence Act seeks to categorize and oversee artificial […]

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 | Network IntelligenceFeatured

On November 30, 2022, I attended the DSCI conference in the bustling city of Mumbai, India. The conference was held to gather input from leading industry representatives on the recently released Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 [DPDPB 2022]. The group consisted of several individuals from different industrial sectors like Fintech, Cybersecurity Consulting, Auditing, Marketing […]


Security of Health Care Devices

Healthcare Cybersecurity Introduction Did you know? It is established that 1 out of every 4 medical devices is now connected. If we are to go to the hospital today, you would encounter at least 10 medical devices during your visit. Because of this increased connectedness of medical devices, hackers are starting to target medical devices […]