Concurrent RDP connections hack – XP

by Toufiq Ali, NII Consulting Before you read further make sure you back up all the original settings of the registry or set create a restore point of your system. I assume reader know what a windows remote terminal service is. If not please refer to In Windows XP when a remote user tries […]

Infosec Scenario in 2009

1. Business continuity to get focus over disaster recovery BCM is a process issue related to building the framework to increase business resiliency and restoration capability, while DR is about building redundancy through infrastructure investments. It is quite likely that new DR site investments might happen fewer than they did in 2008. But I would […]

Reasons for Failure of Business Continuity Plans

I was recently attending a conference on Business Continuity Management, and happened to attend an enlightening talk given by Mr. Vijay Sethi, CIO of Hero Honda – the world’s single-largest two wheeler company. The focus of the talk was on “Reasons for BCP Failure”, and I believe the points given below are highly applicable to […]

Forensics Awareness week at Mumbai

The Directorate of Forensic Science laboratory, Government of Maharashtra Mumbai is holding a forensics awareness week from 7th to 11th Jan 2008. The Director — Dr.Mrs R.Krishnamurthy is pleased to invite persons from the corporate world especially those who are working in the area of Risk management, frauds detection and In house Investigations to their […]

CHFI Workshop

From NII Consulting NII Consulting is glad to announce its fourth hands-on workshop for EC-Council’s “Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)” certificate course. As an Accredited Training Provider (ATP), NII is certified to teach the authorized curricula for security technologies. The CHFI certification is awarded after successfully passing the EC0 312-49 exam. (The training fees include […]

Volume Boot Sector Format of FAT

by Kush Wadhwa, NII Consulting There are times when you don’t have sufficient tools to understand the file system. At that time your knowledge in field of digital forensics will play a crucial role. In this article we will study a volume boot sector format of FAT32 file system and will see how to take […]

Recycle Bin Forensics

by Kush Wadhwa, NII Consulting Have you ever thought of what happens when you hit the delete button? Delete: When we simply delete a file we are throwing that file in the recycle bin of that particular volume. For example, if file resides in C: drive having FAT32 as file system and we delete a […]

Changes proposed to Indian IT Act

By, K K Mookhey At long last there is news that changes will definitely be made to the Indian IT Act, purportedly due to the latest series of BPO scams. These have ranged from employees leaking out customer information to actually transferring customer money into their own bank accounts. Given the list of changes that […]