First conviction under IT Act

Finally, we have our first conviction under the IT Act 2000 in India. After more than a 100 cases being lodged, and about half of them actually reaching the courts, we have our first conviction of an orthopaedic surgeon in Chennai being convicted of recording and uploading pornographic images. He and his brother in the US were found running a profitable pornographic website selling the videos and images.
Other notable cases nowhere near conviction include the hacking of the Mumbai cybercrime cell, the financial defrauding of Citibank customers by its BPO Mphasis, the creation of an Orkut group criticising Shivaji which got an IT engineer in Bangalore wrongly incarcerated due to a serious goof-up by Bharti (the ISP), and others.
Coming back to the original case, though, I wonder why the actions of the doc, warranted a life sentence? What is intriguing is the presence of machine gun bullets at his farmhouse – wonder where the machine gun correlating to the bullets might be? Maybe the doc was also a gun-runner in addition to being a pervert.


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