Cyber Security In Civil Aviation


From the year 2012-2025 ICAO(International civil aviation organization) have decided to transform the present aviation environment by introducing new technology which will revolutionize present aviation industry.

According to ICAO, the technology responsible to do so is named NextGen (Next Generation Air Transportation System), which is developed by the United States and will be mandatory throughout the US by 2025. Said that they also confirmed that the platform which is used for this is too complex and may create paranoia if directly implemented throughout as it has never been used before nor tested.

As per the conference held by ICAO in Montreal in early 2012 the issues regarding cyber security were enlightened, also in a security conference at Las Vegas Dr. Andrei Costin a researcher demonstrated how ADS-B a part of NextGen can be hacked and spoofed. The presentation is a brief introduction to some of the matters at hand, as this is a new and upcoming technology cyber security experts will have to step in and help to secure for the safety and regulation of the industry as well as people.


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