Securing the Future: Tackling Telecom Security in the 5G EraFeatured

The telecom industry is buzzing with excitement as 5G networks roll out across the USA, promising faster speeds, better connectivity, and groundbreaking innovations. However, alongside these advancements come significant security concerns. Data breaches are a wake-up call for the telecom industry. The global cybersecurity market is projected to hit a whopping $407.6 billion by 2032. […]


Navigating the Cybersecurity Implications of Artificial Intelligence

In the landscape of modern technological innovation, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a defining force, reshaping industries, redefining possibilities, and propelling organizations into a new era of digital transformation. From streamlining operations to unlocking unprecedented insights, the potential of AI is vast and multifaceted. Yet, amid the promise of progress, the rapid […]

India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act Vs The EU’s GDPR

India’s much-anticipated data protection law, the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 (DPDP), took a significant stride toward formal implementation with the granting of Presidential assent on August 11, 2023. This development marks a substantial departure from India’s previous data protection landscape, which relied on a relatively straightforward consent-centric approach with limited consequences for non-compliance. […]


The weaponisation of informationFeatured

This is one win India isn’t proud of. In July, our country earned the dubious distinction of being the top source of misinformation spread during the Covid-19 pandemic. Think about it. Your social media feeds, YouTube videos, WhatsApp forwards bombard you with information every day. But it is increasingly becoming difficult to separate the grain […]


In a commoditised world, where is individual privacy?Featured

The Indian government’s guidelines for virtual private network (VPN) providers came into force on 25 September, 2022. They mandate, among other things, storing users’ personal data for up to five years. At least three VPN service providers have already left India or shut down their servers here because the provisions harm user privacy. Recent Indian […]


Look who’s watchingFeatured

In 2021, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal spoke about the city beating Shanghai, New York, and London with the most number of closed-circuit TV cameras per square mile. The updated Comparitech report detailing CCTV presence in different parts of the world (excluding China) found that Delhi, with 1,446 cameras per square mile, is the most […]

Kick-start your Cybersecurity career in 2022

The new year is always a great time to set new resolutions. And a great resolution is to do things that would help on the professional front. One question that I frequently get asked is how one should build a career in cybersecurity? Having hired and overseen the careers of thousands of cybersecurity professionals at […]