Securing the Future: Tackling Telecom Security in the 5G EraFeatured

The telecom industry is buzzing with excitement as 5G networks roll out across the USA, promising faster speeds, better connectivity, and groundbreaking innovations. However, alongside these advancements come significant security concerns. Data breaches are a wake-up call for the telecom industry. The global cybersecurity market is projected to hit a whopping $407.6 billion by 2032. […]

DORA explained: Requirements, penalties, and steps to complianceFeatured

What is DORA? DORA stands for the Digital Operational Resilience Act. It is the framework introduced by the European Commission to manage ICT risks and incident management, along with the management of risks related to third-party service providers. The legislation was introduced in September 2020 and formally adopted in 2022. Purpose of DORA? Before the […]

An overview of the EU’s Artificial Intelligence ActFeatured

What is the EU AI Act The European Union introduced the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), a regulatory proposal concerning artificial intelligence within the EU. Presented by the European Commission on April 21, 2021, this legislation is the inaugural comprehensive AI law globally. The proposed EU Artificial Intelligence Act seeks to categorize and oversee artificial […]

Build Cyber Resilience with the Right Insurance CoverFeatured

Introduction In today’s interconnected world, where digital threats are on the rise, protecting your organization’s sensitive data and online assets is more critical than ever. Cyber insurance has emerged as a crucial tool for mitigating the financial risks associated with cyberattacks and data breaches. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of […]

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 | Network IntelligenceFeatured

On November 30, 2022, I attended the DSCI conference in the bustling city of Mumbai, India. The conference was held to gather input from leading industry representatives on the recently released Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 [DPDPB 2022]. The group consisted of several individuals from different industrial sectors like Fintech, Cybersecurity Consulting, Auditing, Marketing […]


The weaponisation of informationFeatured

This is one win India isn’t proud of. In July, our country earned the dubious distinction of being the top source of misinformation spread during the Covid-19 pandemic. Think about it. Your social media feeds, YouTube videos, WhatsApp forwards bombard you with information every day. But it is increasingly becoming difficult to separate the grain […]


In a commoditised world, where is individual privacy?Featured

The Indian government’s guidelines for virtual private network (VPN) providers came into force on 25 September, 2022. They mandate, among other things, storing users’ personal data for up to five years. At least three VPN service providers have already left India or shut down their servers here because the provisions harm user privacy. Recent Indian […]


Look who’s watchingFeatured

In 2021, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal spoke about the city beating Shanghai, New York, and London with the most number of closed-circuit TV cameras per square mile. The updated Comparitech report detailing CCTV presence in different parts of the world (excluding China) found that Delhi, with 1,446 cameras per square mile, is the most […]

National Information Assurance Policy V2.0 - Qatar

National Information Assurance (NIA) Policy V2.0 –QatarFeatured

Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. As cyber threats worldwide proliferate, shielding Qatar’s critical ICT infrastructure and systems has become a top priority for the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC). Qatar is enriching its cyber security efforts and working with counterparts across the globe to ensure open and secure cyberspace. […]

5 Cybersecurity lessons to learn from Stranger Things

5 Cybersecurity lessons to learn from Stranger Things Featured

Netflix’s original series ‘Stranger Things‘ season-4 is on its way to a worldwide release today. As the plot deepens every season, viewers are rooting hard for their favourite characters. From the power-house Eleven to lovable Steve, everyone has made their way to our techno-savvy hearts. You’d be mighty pleased to know that this series not […]

Consumer Protection RegulationFeatured

A summary of Article 6 requirements for Consumer Protection Regulation (CPR) by the Central Bank of UAE (CBUAE) With the ever-evolving digital landscape and advancements in technologies that process consumer data, the need for consumer protection and associated rights has grown exponentially. Case in point, the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) has issued the Consumer […]

Attackers are actively exploiting a critical zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source productsFeatured

Severity: Critical INTRODUCTION Adobe has addressed critical Magento Zero-Day Vulnerability (CVE-2022-24086) that is under active exploitation by threat actors. The security flaw impacts Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source products. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code and may result in the complete compromise of a vulnerable system. The […]

Breaking up on Valentine’s Day!Featured

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. And on this day, if anyone is more active than lovers around the world, it is the cybercriminals.  Cybercriminals always look for opportunities to take advantage of oblivious online consumers. From counterfeit gift scams to fake dating apps, their presence is everywhere.  Research from security firm Check Point revealed that over […]

Threat actor groups are targeting VMware Horizon servers running versions affected by Log4Shell vulnerabilitiesFeatured

Severity: High Initial Access Broker (IAB) group Prophet Spider and an unknown threat group are actively attempting to exploit the Log4j vulnerability in VMware Horizon. Attack Chain:• In ongoing threat campaigns, the attackers attempt to initiate the attack via Log4Shell payload similar to ${jndi:ldap://} targeting vulnerable VMware Horizon servers.• The attack exploits the Log4Shell vulnerability […]

Threat actors are targeting critical organizations using destructive malware – “WhisperGate”Featured

The threat campaign is referred to as Operation Bleeding Bear. The attacks are currently limited to Ukrainian government agencies and businesses; however, the attack seems to have evolved and sophisticated over time, targeting almost all countries. The threat poses a risk to any government agency, non-profit or enterprise system. The malware campaign has been mapped […]

NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 | Blog

NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0

An Insight into NIST’s Evolution: To fully grasp the significance of NIST 2.0, it’s crucial to first comprehend its origins. National Institute of Standards and Technology has played a pivotal role in shaping cybersecurity standards, offering essential guidance and resources for federal agencies and organizations spanning diverse sectors. Its renowned frameworks, such as the NIST […]

Navigating through the DevSecOps Journey: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts

DevSecOps, the integration of security practices into the DevOps process, has become paramount in modern software development. While adopting DevSecOps can enhance efficiency and security, it’s crucial to navigate this journey with strategic foresight, care and meticulous execution. This article outlines the top five dos and don’ts to help organizations effectively navigate their DevSecOps journey. […]


Navigating the Cybersecurity Implications of Artificial Intelligence

In the landscape of modern technological innovation, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a defining force, reshaping industries, redefining possibilities, and propelling organizations into a new era of digital transformation. From streamlining operations to unlocking unprecedented insights, the potential of AI is vast and multifaceted. Yet, amid the promise of progress, the rapid […]

India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Act Vs The EU’s GDPR

India’s much-anticipated data protection law, the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 (DPDP), took a significant stride toward formal implementation with the granting of Presidential assent on August 11, 2023. This development marks a substantial departure from India’s previous data protection landscape, which relied on a relatively straightforward consent-centric approach with limited consequences for non-compliance. […]

Safeguarding Data Privacy and Strengthening Digital India: A Quick Insight into the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

On August 3, 2023, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) introduced the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill, 2023, marking it the fifth iteration in introducing data privacy bill in India. The Bill was then presented in Rajya Sabha and after the approval from both houses, with the President’s assent, it was officially made […]