Logging in MySQL

Scope: This article demonstrates logging techniques in MySQL to uncover and analyze any mischief attempts done by (outside or inside) user focusing on specific areas in database. Getting Started: Following are the types of logs available in MySQL[1]. Log Type Information Written to Log Error log Problems encountered starting, running, or stopping mysqld General query […]

SQL Injection in Stored Procedure & Preventing from the same

Following is the small example of creating a stored procedure. ==================================================================== CREATE PROC sp_login (@loginid nvarchar(25),@password nvarchar(25)) AS DECLARE @SQLString VARCHAR(500) DECLARE @loginid VARCHAR(64) DECLARE @password VARCHAR(64) /* Build the SQL string once.*/ SET @SQLString = ‘SELECT * from cust_users WHERE login_id = ‘+ ””+@loginid+”” + ‘AND password = ‘+ ””+@password+”” EXECUTE sp_executesql @SQLString