RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Use Cases (Part 3)

Robotic Process Automation Cybersecurity Robotic Process Automation Cybersecurity Use cases to apply robotics in cybersecurity There are several opportunities to leverage robotics to enhance your digital strategy, as well as improve security operations. 1.1  Cybersecurity domain Illustrative use case Governance Security program: Robotics can help security reporting quality, timeliness and throughput. For example, automated, periodic […]


Implementing and Auditing Cyber Security in Robotics (Part – 1)

Implementing Cybersecurity in Robotics Introduction: As technology and human intelligence are evolving, new products are being developed by humans. But the evolution comes with benefits and drawbacks. One of the new and evolving technology is related to Robots and robotic process automation. An increase in cyber-attacks, combined with the shift toward automating business processes using […]